Parking and Transportation

Speeder Train Schedule Coming soon for 2018 – costs and schedule below are subject to change.  We are working hard to include bus transportation this year as well with pick up stations. Stay tuned for updates!

As parking out at McLean Mill will be VERY limited.  We strongly recommend choosing set up a carpool plan with your buddies or jump on the Speeder cars going between Barclay Hotel Train Station and the Mill.  Unfortunately we will not be using a shuttle bus this year we will just be using trains.

Local Port Alberni Cab number to call also as an option: United Cabs – (250) 723-2121

PARK AND RIDE!! We have multiple ways for you to get to McLean Mill Historic Park for the 5 Acre Shaker this weekend. Daily Trains – leaving town at 11am $16 for a one way ticket and then $10 bucks off your Shaker Pass at the gate. OR Ride the Speeder Saturday and Sunday $10 for a single ride or $30 for the whole weekend – Go back and forth between Thunder in the Valley and the Festival. The Speeder is leaving the Barkley Platform and the Mill platform and will be going all day. You can purchase tickets in person and at weekend passes at the mill. Beat the traffic, ride the rails instead. Train tickets at Shakers Tickets at the Gate 5633 Smith Road.

Train Schedule: $25RT or $16 one way (camping? No problem, lots of room for your stuff. Plus we have a speeder running Monday to get you back to town.

Friday/Sat/Sunday leaving the E&N Train station at 11:00am back to town at 2:30pm

Speeder Schedule:

Leaving the Barkley: 09:15, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30.
Leaving the Mill: 10:00, 12:15, 14:15, 16:15


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