Parking and Transportation

Stay tuned for updates!

Parking out at McLean Mill will be VERY limited.  We strongly recommend choosing to set up a carpool plan with your buddies or jump on the city bus (#ExplorePortAlberni) – Schedule to come soon.

Local Port Alberni Cab number to call also as an option: United Cabs – (250) 723-2121

This year with the help of the city we have been able to get a bus route to The Shaker.  Stay tuned for more information, but we are very excited to give our guests more options to get out and explore as well as decrease the amount of vehicles on the road.

Last year we had the option of taking the Speeder Car from town to the Mill – we are in talks with the Mill to see if they will be able to provide this service for us again so please check in or message with interest for more details.

Shuttle Service will be being done so that we can safely get our guests home after the main event.  For a large crowd it is hard to provide an efficient cab service.  Shuttles will drop off at Buy-Low and Save-On parking lots to give an option for each side of town.  Once again – Stay tuned for full Schedules so that you can plan accordingly for your night.





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