Chase Spencer

Check him out Friday, August 10th @ the McLean Mill for this years’ Shaker!


Port Alberni, BC

Genre – Pop Rock


Chase Spencer has his roots in his hometown of Port Alberni, BC, a place where his musical tastes matured listening to country, pop and classic rock. It’s here his own blend of these genres and the island indie/roots style around him could form.

Growing up playing anything he could get his hands on, Chase developed a knack for being able to be his own band.

After several garage band attempts with friends and a few decently recorded songs under his belt, Chase decided to record his own full album.

He enlisted the help of Marty Schoeps at Electric City Sound in Victoria BC to help him sculpt his ideas and shape his sound. He then released his debut single, “I Wanted You”, in the early summer of 2015 and, “A Little Bit Of Love”, in February 2016. With great reviews on his first single, he was ready to release his debut album.

“Feel Alive” was release in May 2016 in Chase’s hometown Port Alberni. Char’s Landing saw it’s largest crowd ever with his CD release.

After playing several shows on Vancouver Island that summer he ventured on a two month Vietnam tour opening for Los Borrachos as well being the drummer for their band. He played countless shows to a great success and managed to form a following in Ho Chi Minh City.

Since then he has been constantly writing and recording home demo’s in Australia preparing for his sophomore album!


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