Terms and Conditions

The Five Acre Shaker Management Team appreciates all volunteers’ valuable time, hard work, and dedication in helping make the festival a success each. Volunteers are the backbone of any large event, and we welcome our prospective volunteers to become part of the Shaker Volunteer Team!

The Volunteer Coordinator will work with the Management Team to ensure all volunteers are placed in positions that meet the needs of all departments. The Volunteer Coordinator will interview and approve all volunteers for each department. The Volunteer Coordinating Team will provide the information and training for all volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinating Team will be on-site to supervise volunteers during all hours of festival operations. Applications are currently being accepted.


Join the Volunteer Team and enjoy the fun and excitement of the festival while gaining great work experience! Volunteering is the fuel that drives a festival’s engine. As a volunteer, you will be part of a diverse team, with one common goal … to make the Shaker the best festival around! It’s a little hard work, a whole lot of fun, and the team camaraderie builds lasting friendships.


  • General Admission Weekend Pass ($149)
  • A meal and refreshments while on duty based on 2 x 8.5 hr shifts ($40)
  • Volunteer T-Shirt ($30)
  • Tent only campsite in designated volunteer area includes 1 camping bracelet ($50)
  • Camping Early Access ($19)
  • Volunteer Appreciation Party! Food and Beverages provided ($40)
  • All the good feels that go along with being part of a fund and fantastic team! (Priceless!)

Note: Limited Tent Only Volunteer Camping Available in Designated Area. All other camping will require the purchase of a “Lucky’s Lane,”Blu s Brother,” or “Power to the People” camping pass.  


To volunteer is both a great privilege and responsibility, so to qualify you must meet certain requirements:

  • You must be 19 years of age to volunteer.
  • Minors are permitted (must be 16 years or older) if accompanied by a parent/guardian of legal age. Parents/guardians must be willing to volunteer for the same shifts as the minor.
  • Volunteering privileges are subject to the discretion and approval of the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • All volunteers must submit a Volunteer Application, and ensure that all information is true and complete, and understand that if accepted, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made on this application may result in your immediate dismissal.


Our volunteer staff is composed of Teams, which are involved in a wide variety of tasks and activities for festival operations ranging from pre-event set up, traffic control, ushering, delivery & pick-ups, clean-up, post event take down and everything in between … there are many jobs and lots to do to ensure the festival runs smoothly.


Where would you like to volunteer? The Shaker has many areas that require volunteer assistance. Here is the list of our Teams:


Artist HQ volunteers not only greet artists but are their first stop onsite. You are responsible for checking them in and setting them up for an amazing experience. During operating hours, Artist HQ is a place for artists to drop by for information, charge their phone, or simply hangout in the shade. While helping manage artist camping, extreme diligence when checking passes on all vehicles entering the camping area is your top priority. Artist Relations ensure that artists have an unforgettable experience off stage. The team is responsible for preparing spaces accessed before and after sets. As a Host, your ability to anticipate needs is vital while creating a fun, tidy, and positive atmosphere.


Servers require their up-to-date Serving It Right* certifications. Servers will be working in one of our multiple bars on site. Serving experience is required for this team as this can be a very fast paced position.


Camping volunteers’ job is to welcome the guests, keep track of how many campers have signed into the camp, read over the camping rules with them and show them around the Shaker Campgrounds.


Those that would like to work with this team would be required to provide references due to the nature of the work. General Store volunteers will be required to set up, maintain, and take down displays. You will also be responsible for processing sales and tracking inventory. This is a fun environment where you will interact with attendees and deliver the best customer service vibes.


Green Team volunteers are leaders in helping attendees, artists, and crew to Leave No Trace, one of our founding principles. It is expected to represent Shaker principles of environmental accountability and sustainability. We ask that you be an ambassador of our Green Initiatives and educate others on how to leave the land as we found it.


Those that would like to work with this team would be required to provide references due to the nature of the work. Front Gate volunteers are required to fill several roles onsite. You will be responsible for gate sales, hard copy ticket scanning, will-call verification, and volunteer, artist, vendor, and merchant check-in. Greeting each guest with enthusiasm, being detailed orientated, and making customer service a forefront in all interactions is the foundation of the team.


Food Safe Level 1 and/or Level 2 and references are required due to the nature of the work. Kitchen volunteers assist the Chef and their team with many aspects of meal preparation and delivery. From organizing the kitchen supplies and food preparation to dispatching meals throughout the site along various teams. Your responsibilities would include washing, peeling and cutting fruits, vegetables, and preparing meat; mixing ingredients; and final presentation of meals. The environment is fast paced and high volume, with an emphasis on attention to detail. 


Parking volunteers are responsible for the direction and placement of vehicles into camping spots for attendees as they enter the festival. If you love making a positive first impression, and can maintain an outgoing and friendly attitude while enjoying time in the sun, this is an excellent team to be a part of.


If you’re organized, energetic, and love to work in a fast-paced environment, this team is where you will thrive. Experience with construction and hand tools is an asset but not required.


This position requires volunteers to be onsite prior to show time. Your duty is to help bring the festival to life by assisting all departments with their set up needs. You will be asked to keep a record of outgoing materials and stock, organize the production tent, and assist with day time deliveries.  

Show Time and Up & Atoms

Show Time and Up & Atoms crew is the backbone of the festival. Your duty is to be there to assist every department during the festival with their production needs. 

Post Show

This position requires volunteers to be onsite after show time. Your duty is to help tear down the festival, assist all departments with their production returns by collecting and recording inventory items, and general clean up needs. You will also inventory returning stock and help with delivery pick ups.


Ambassadors, Rovers, and Info Booth

Harm Reduction comes in many forms at the Shaker.  You are our eyes, ears, and voice within the festival to observe and educate. Harm Reduction works to ensure that not only are our guests happy on the dance floor but all over the festival grounds and equipped with knowledge. As a part of our many faceted Harm Reduction team, you embody the cultural and the vibes that festival life has to offer.  


Volunteers are required to complete a minimum of 17 hours to fulfill the volunteer requirements which provides you with a full weekend pass (i.e., 2 x 8.5 hr Shifts or 4 x 4.25 hr Shifts). Those only wanting to work one day can earn a single day pass, rather than a weekend pass. All shifts are assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator. Each volunteer shift will be a minimum of 4-6 hours in length and will occur during the four days of the festival, or before the festival to help with setup and post festival tear down.


All prospective volunteers must submit an online Volunteer Application Form. All forms are reviewed by members of the Volunteer Coordinating Team. All approved applicants will be notified by email which will include a Volunteer Information Package and an outline of the job description for the assigned position and work schedule.


I understand that as a Five Acre Productions volunteer, I will adhere to the Standards of Conduct. The FAP Standard of Conduct state that as a volunteer I:

  • agree to cooperate with FAP through the volunteer screening process;
  • will fulfill all my volunteer duties and responsibilities;
  • will be expected to work a minimum of 17 hours over the duration of the festival;
  • will be a responsible ambassador for the event and represent the FAP in a positive way;
  • will treat other volunteers, performers, staff, and the public with respect. If a problem arises, a resolution should be deferred to my Coordinator or Volunteer Services;
  • will wear my Volunteer ID, supplied, while on duty and will refrain from wearing it when not on duty;
  • will maintain confidentiality with respect to all FAP information and records;
  • will not use FAP property or monies for personal advantage;
  • understand that all materials obtained in connection with volunteering for FAP remain the property of FAP;
  • and, will refer questions from the media involving policy or sensitive issues to my Coordinator or Volunteer Services.

I understand that the access pass is non-transferable and remains the property of FAP and can be repossessed under the following conditions:

  • if I commit illegal, violent, or unsafe acts; – if I am under the influence of alcohol or drugs; – if I violate campground rules and regulations;
  • and, if I fail to contribute the minimum time requirements or fail to fulfill shift commitments.

NOTE: If you have questions about our Terms and Conditions, or any other related questions, please send them to [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering at the Shaker!