Speak Easy is a psychedelic pop driven trio originating from the interior of British Columbia. The band the was formed during the winter months of 2016. After an ongoing, jam inspired collaboration of drummer Scott Sparrow and guitarist Oliver Sandberg during their years at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, bassist Lauren Giorgio was introduced to the project, and Speak Easy was conceived.

The group combines moody psychedelic rock with an eclectic sound, which has been compared to John Lennon – if he’d never met Yoko Ono. With their love-hate inspired lyrics and dad-pop chord progressions, the band has accumulated a steady fan-base, playing multiple packed-house shows – including Fireside Sessions Winter Festival, The Blue Grotto, and an overflowing debut at legendary Milkcrate Records.

After a move cross-province from the Okanagan, Speak Easy is currently residing on Songhees (Lkwungen) Territory (Victoria, Vancouver Island).