Event PRODUCTION Services

Do you have an amazing idea for an event but need help making it a reality? In addition to stage, sound, and lighting rentals, our team of event professionals can help in all facets of event production.

Lighting & Sounds Techs

Our lighting and sound techs have worked on events ranging from weddings to music festivals to concert tours. Integral to any successful event, remove the most technical aspect and let us handle it for you.

  • Stage, sound, and lighting set up
  • Production management
  • Sound design
  • Lighting design
  • Video boards
  • And more!


The unsexy but essential part of events—infrastructure! Fencing, scrim, portapotties, garbage cans, tables, and more. Our network of partners has everything you need to help your event run smoothly.

Artist Booking

Booking bands and artists can be one of the most intimidating parts of producing an event. Where do you even start? Our team has worked on concerts and festivals featuring local, regional, national, and international talent. With connections to major agencies like CAA and Feldman along with ties with local artists and managers, our team can help curate the perfect lineup for any concert, fair, or festival.

Marketing & Media

Whether you need marketing consultation, a media blitz, or a full-service marketing plan and execution, we can help get your event in front of your target audience. Using a mix of digital, print, and street advertising we can optimize your marketing budget and maximize your ticket sales.

Examples of marketing avenues include:

  • Google & YouTube ads
  • Facebook & Instagram ads
  • Facebook dark posting
  • Spotify ads
  • Digital event listings
  • Media campaigns
  • Radio promotion
  • Experiential marketing
  • Print ads
  • Large-format street ads
  • Event posters

Graphic Design

Stand apart from other events with a strong brand and take the look and feel of your event space to the next level. An integral part of marketing and executing an event is the vibe your brand sets. Let us help you set that vibe with our graphic design services. Whether you need a full brand package, on-site banners, stage scrim, or just an event poster, we can help customize the look and feel of your festival, fair, concert or whatever type of event you may be hosting!